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         A Thoughtful article by Rabbi Michael Lerner - educational and provocative
        Today's View by (The Rev'd Dr.) Elizabeth Keaton
        A provocative political paper on US taxes and the middle class, written by a friend
        by Louie Crew, as it appreared in the March 1990 Issue of "The Episcopalian"
        (The secret that's been hiding in plain sight for almost 2000 years)

Interesting & Creative LINKS

Windmill Alliance, Inc.
Bayonne, New Jersey

Trinity Episcopal Church
Bayonne, New Jersey

Fr. Jerry Pisani was Rector from 1974 to 2009
 1985 Fr. Jerry Pisani was a founder and 1st President
- (a sub corp of Trinity Church)
      Retirement in local newspaper:          PisaniRetires.PDF ​​
GIVE BLOOD - The Need is Constant - 
The gratification is Instant!
 RACE - Are We So Different?
-Project of the American Anthropological Assoc.
  A (GLBT) site ...
"Building the Body of Christ in Love!"
 The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality
   The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality 
                TRANSCRIPT of Matthew Vines