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Gerard Alexander Pisani, Jr. 
Spent his formative years in Butler, NJ, attending the Butler public school system through high school. In High School he was active in many service clubs and was school organist in his Junior and Senior Year.
In 1957 he began his college education at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. After his freshman year he studied Geology at the Wheaton College Science Station in Rapid City, SD. He then matriculated to Taylor University in Upland, IN to continue his college training. At Taylor, Gerard was very involved with music and the Gospel Quartet that ministered in various churches and other venues as a gospel team. It was here that Jack Wyrtzen invited this quartet to travel with him in evangelism for Word of Life Fellowship. Jerry, as he would now be known, traveled extensively in rallies around the country, appeared in weekly TV and radio programs, and served at the three summer camps around Schroon Lake, NY - the Inn for adults, the Island for teens, and the Ranch for younger children. During this time Jerry finished his college degrees at Nyack Missionary College in Nyack, NY.

On July 28,1963 Jerry was ordained to the Ministry in Riverdale Bible Church in Riverdale, NJ as a Conservative Baptist Minister. He began a mission church in Milton, NJ known as the Milton Bible Church which later was named the Community Church of Jefferson Township. As he continued his graduate studies it was the Dean of The Biblical Seminary in New York, The Rev. Dr. Kendig Brubaker Cully, who was also an Episcopal Priest, indicated Jerry's leanings toward the Episcopal Church. Soon thereafter he became a postulant for the priesthood in the Diocese of Newark under the auspices of Christ Episcopal Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ. His studies were completed at General Theological Seminary in NYC. This led to his ordination to the Diaconate in June of 1966 and to the Priesthood on October 15, 1966. The Community Church of Jefferson Township then became St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church as a mission under St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Sparta, NJ and Jerry became the first Vicar of St. Gabriel's in 1966.

After a few years, and before a new church was to be built for St. Gabriel's, Fr. Pisani became the Rector of Christ Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ. From there he became the Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Bayonne, NJ in 1974 where he served for 34 years. Having been sent to Trinity to close it, after a devastating fire that destroyed the church, a new church was built instead. In 1985 Trinity began a ministry called Windmill Alliance, Inc., serving disabled adults and people in need, which is now the second largest charity in the city of Bayonne.

On August 1, 2009, having reached age 72, Jerry retired and moved to Cary, NC with his cousin and life partner, Dwight A. Tintle.

Dwight August Tintle 
Also grew up in Butler, NJ, attending the Butler public school system through high school. Having shown interest in mathematics, he attended West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, WV, graduating in 4 years with a degree in mathematics. Now it was time to leave the protective world of education and enter the real world.

His first  job was working for a shoe chain that was expanding rapidly. In the 3+ years he was with Morse Shoes, he opened 8 locations throughout northern and central NJ and Staten Island. He left there to become a stockbroker and realized that was a business not suited for him. While he gained a valuable education being a broker, he moved on to New York Life Insurance in the actuarial department.

Around this time, computers were becoming smaller. This was about 5 years before the first PC and Apple computers entered the scene. Gerard decided he wanted a computer for Trinity Church, so he bought one. As others found out we had a computer, we were asked to do projects for them. Shortly thereafter, I quit my job at New York Life and we opened a computer business for non-profit corporations such as churches, developing databases and their membership data. The business grew and so did the Windmill Alliance.

Windmill Alliance started with a budget of $2000, 3 teachers, and 9 participants in a day program. Today, it is approaching a $2 million budget, staff of 35+ providing a day program for the mentally handicapped, supportive apartments for those in the day program that need a place to live, and a 5000 square foot thrift shop. I was the volunteer Treasurer, purchasing manager, and IT guy during this expansion over 25+ years, and also managed our computer business.

Then and Now:

Change is hardly easy but it is inevitable. We knew that we could not afford to retire in New Jersey so we had to find a place for this new phase of life. We did not want high taxes and snow to be part of our lives in retirement. Planning to move away from home was something like going away to college, a venture and another new beginning to our lives. We had to leave the security of a supportive and encouraging family, lots of friends, companions, and exciting communities that allowed us to live a life of service to others - the impetus of our Christian tradition. Being life partners for many years, even though we were second cousins, was difficult at first, but with the openness and kindness of understanding family and friends, we were blessed. We enjoyed being a creative team in bringing significant change to many folk who were disadvantaged and looking for assistance. All of this life experience gave us the courage to venture out even as we were growing older, a common experience for most humans.

It was almost by accident that we came to the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. It seemed that the Eternal Presence we had come to know in our lives was still with us. The opening verse of this Poem written by James R. Lowell in 1845 seems to say it best.

                                                                             "Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide,
                                                                                In the strife of truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side;
                                                                   Some great cause, some great decision, offering each the bloom or blight,
                                                                           And the choice goes by forever, twixt that darkness and that light."

Retirement and moving to Cary, NC was a traumatic and dramatic event to say the least, but it has been quite rewarding and extremely educational. In just two years, which seems like an eternity, we are making friends and finding communities that welcomes and nourishes us in our new land. We are still searching for "some great cause" that will again help us to a "bloom of new life" for others in need. Since we cannot do this by ourselves we hope others will, as the song says, wish to decide, "in the strife of truth with falsehood" to extend a new hope for life to those who are disenfranchised in achieving their fullness in life. We are hoping that our Christian community here will again become a part of that team effort.

Like all persons of HOPE [Habitually Open to Progressive Exploration] and FAITH [Finding Authenticity In Today's Happenings], we share what we have learned and offer our time, talents, and treasure in expectation.

Now Married: 
November 23, 2013​

After 44 years of Life Partnership, we never believed this day would come to us. When it became available in NJ we made arrangements with the Bishop in our Diocese in Newark, NJ for the Marriage Liturgy and Holy Communion at Christ Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ (where Gerard served as Rector in prior years). This enabled 31 members of our family, living nearby the church, to be present with us for this special day. Our thanks to our Bishop Mark Beckwith and Father Stephen Rozzelle, Presently pastor of Christ Church, for making this day possible.