"Becoming All You Are Meant To Be"

J and D Health


      [ Learning/ Listening Enthusiastically  Appreciating  Diversity  Encouraging  Relationship  Sharing  Hospitality  Inspiring  People]

     There are three important aspects to Leadership:  1. Learning, 2. Listening, 3. Attitude.

                                              The Power of Leadership is  Influence and never  Dominance
  •      "Self-realization means that we have been consciously connected with our source of being.
                Once we have made this connection, then nothing can go wrong...." - Swami Paramananda

  •      "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." - Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV)

  •      "Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life" from, "Living Wisdom of the Tao" - by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Please continue with the following Introduction:

      Introduction to Leadership


     Five Words For Living Well  - [introduction]

     Learning to Live Well I -  Probabilities, Possibilities, Productivity

     Learning to Live Well II -  Persona, Persistence, Perseverance

     Learning to Live Well III -  Survival, Security, Significance

     Learning to Live Well IV -  Faith

     Learning to Live Well V -  Family

     Learning to Live Well VI -  Fitness

     Learning to Live Well VII -  Finance

     Common Sense of Life and Living -  Chaos, Connection, Continuity

     What Every Good Leader Knows  - by Richard Rohr

The Liturgical Year helps us to continue our growth and well-being as we move forward in time year by year.

Advent  - Happy New Year, Greater things than these.......

Christmas 2009 - The Extravagance of Love

Epiphany  - In the Image of God

Lent  - Today's Lent

Lent 2  - Profound and Simple

Lent 3  - Practice makes Perfect

Lent 4  - (2009) - The Paradox of the Cross

Easter  - (2010) - Rising to New Life

Easter 2  - After Easter - What Now?

Easter 3  - Living Beyond the Now - One Day at a Time

Pentecost  - (2010) - Fired Up!

           Pentecost 2  - Leadership for Change

Pentecost 3  - Leadership for Change Part 2

Celebrating Wholeness  - Halloween, AllSaints, and All Souls

Christ The King

     II. THE GOSPEL OF JOHN - Comments & Thoughts

Introductory Pages:

           I AM - YOU ARE  - Lent 2011

A Story of Openness and Inclusion  - Lent 2011- [John 4:1-42]

"SEVEN SIGNS" in the Gospel of John - commonly called Miracles

          # 1 -
What Do Marriage & Wine Tell Us About Jesus? - [John 2:1-12]

          # 2 - 
Healing the Official's Son  - [John 4:43-54]

          # 3 - 
Healing at the Pool of Bethesda - [John 5:1-15]

          # 4 & 5 -
 Jesus - Feeds 5000 + and Walks on Water - [John 6:1-71]

          # 6 -
Healing The Man Born Blind  - [John 9:1-41]

          # 7 - 
Jesus Raises Lazarus  - [John 11:1-57]

Remaining Chapters and Closing Remarks

Jesus' Farewell Discourses  - [John 11:55-17:26]

Transition To Resurrection  - [John 18:1-20:31]

The Way, The Truth, The Life  - [closing summary remarks]

    III. A Series of Homilies from The Gospel of John

          About 70 years after the life and time of Jesus, a disciple named John authored the Gospel of John. It was the last Gospel written around the turn of the new century @ 100 CE. This was after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, @70 CE, and during a time of many changes in thought and custom among Jews, Jewish Christians, and the growing separate Christian movement. The world was changing in this Common Era and the Gospel of John gives us a unique insight to these transitions. This Gospel is very different from the Synoptic Gospels and, I believe, gives us a picture of God as seen in the "living" Word introduced by John for us today as well. 
An Introduction to Jesus - The expression of God in Word and Action
The Debriefing - Discourses with Jesus and his followers - what does it all mean
Resurrection - The Gift of New Life for all humanity, for time and eternity 

These Homilies are meant to show this beautiful picture of God and how that Presence in our lives can save us and renew us as we live and die.

# 1  
The Wonder of it All

# 2 
 Jesus - Speaks and Acts  [The Living Word and Verb]

# 3 
 Jesus - Cares for People  [Demonstrating the compassion of God]

# 4  
Jesus and The Power of Gentleness  [Demonstrates God's Nature]

# 5  
Jesus Raises Lazarus  [A sign of things to come]

# 6  
Jesus Farewell Discourses  [Part 1]

# 7  
Jesus Farewell Discourses  [Part 2]

# 8  
A Spiritual Journey   [Part 1]

# 9  
A Spiritual Journey   [Part 2]